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If the overages (your money) account is untouched, the salesman gets that too. 12 Things Morton Buildings Doesn't Want you to Know! 2.) The contract states that you will be responsible for ALL COURT COSTS and THEIR LEGAL TEAM. In 1 year of minor legal battles with them on a , 000 balance because you got sick of them and hired a new contractor, your interest and legal fees will exceed 0, 000 !!! If the job made a profit, you got paid commission on sales price. ** If a customer asked for prints, when I worked there, you could get them... just like if you had hired an architect or bought a "job set" of house plans from a magazine. Realize if you order plans from the Morton architects, you will pay for the architects/designers to draw up the plans, and yes, Morton has REAL architects, with REAL licenses and they are registered to do business in your state, designing it to meet your local building codes. 8.) Make sure you have a COMPLETION DATE on the Contract. They will promise you that certain "Missing" elements are coming and will be done later. ** Usually we did 10% down, 50% materials delivery, balance on completion. There were a few boneheads, but that is in any group of people, and they usually get run off or quit pretty quickly. Morton has been in business for over 100 years now, so obviously they are doing things right, and taking care of customers. As I say, I used to work for Morton for over five years. I used the overage to pay for the window, the change fee (which the company gets), and the extra material and labor. They will simply move other customer jobs around as needed to make the date.** Followed by my replies =) 1.) The contract is set up for you to lose. The contract writer gets the better end of the deal. Im sure you were looking for a loophole that would allow you to attempt to sue them and it pissed you off when you found they had all their bases covered.If you don't like that, hire your own lawyer to read the contract before you sign it. I have to say the expereince can be very bad if the customer is a Morton novice and the salesperson is either inexpereinced or apathetic.There are people who legitimately had a problem and wanted to hold the last payment (understandably so), but there are also those who just try to stiff everyone, because they are thieves and cheats. Morton would provide sales reps with Auto CAD Lite, but we had to provide the system to run it on, and the printer to print out the concept drawings. If you decide to hire this company it will be a long journey through hell that you could of never imagined.We didn't get paid until the company got paid and all the vendors/subcontractors were paid. At the time, laptops and cell phones were our responsibility, although they had finally begun providing an office computer, and were talking about providing a laptop for sales reps about the time I left the company (around 2005! Most of us just went out and purchased our own laptop, and many of the office managers bought a computer for the office out of their own pocket, or brought in a computer from home for the secretary to use. They often talked about how good their lawyers were. 5.) They will not give you a Materials List for YOUR Building. And the corporate lacks the authority to really help.

However, the salesman did NOT get the Overage as commission (except the 3% of the total sales price, which included the overage). They know approximately how many board feet of lumber, sheets of steel, and how many pounds of nails/etc it SHOULD take, but some times things happen which require more materials (for example, your neighbor's bull gets loose, wanders through your building site on the way to your cows, stepping on the stack of steel sheeting en route - you don't want damaged steel on your new barn, your neighbor blames the bull's love-life on your "lousy-quality pasture fencing", and Morton didn't expect that to happen and has to order another 18-wheeler (and driver) to deliver more steel ... We also kept a set in your file at the office, and the architect/designers kept a copy at the main office, or on the computer. We started our project on Dec.10, 2010 with an estimated finish date of feb 15 2011, as of today June 1 2011 the job has not been finished, where as some problems were because of permitting, which the builder was not aware he was responsible for, the main problem is the contractor(Shannon Roberts, that works for Morton builders.

His commission comes in stages..final huge commission is at completion. If you want to make a change later, there is a "Change Fee" (which the company gets, not the sales rep).

They have built into YOUR Contract an Overages Fund..amounts to approx. If you refuse, they attempt to take it out of their salesman's commission. However, that is not unique to Morton, or to business in general.

I did have a Completion date, which didn't mean anything. I am forgiving, and have a "Move ahead attitude." Morton Buildings completely cut my building wrong. Rather than fix the problems they were worried about their bottom line.

Shoddy workmanship, moldy wood, mismatched panels, excuses to boot. Obviously YOU'RE A MORTON EMPLOYEE I agree with the former Morton employee. What I got was an incomplete building, leaking roof, excuses, defective materials, poor workmanship, and a bunch of BS from a company who claims to be the Best. You think that honest, hard working people want to hire a contractor to have problems, stress and legal battles? Of course problems arise in all construction projects. They abandoned the project because their mistakes would have cost them too much. Rather than fix the problems they were worried about their bottom line.

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